Living with mental illness and mental health concerns can be tough.
Finding help can be even tougher.

The MHC Navigators can assist in making the right connections.


Our Mission

Mental Health Connect works to provide community-based resources, support and education to improve access to mental health services and to connect individuals and families with the services they need.

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Mental Health Navigator

The Mental Health Navigator has experience in social services to assess clients' needs and to create plans to meet desired outcomes.

Resources & Events

Mental Health Connect provides useful information and links to mental health resources. 

Inter-Faith Collaborative

Mental Health Connect is a growing group of faith-based communities working to give you access to the help you need.

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How It Works

Fill out the form and our Mental Health Navigator will reach out to you. There is no pressure--you can just get information or start making a plan to find particular services or resources.


Mental Health Connect Client Testimonial:       

"You get it, you do. I can survive anything now.             
It is wonderful to have huge weights lifting."             

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