The role of the Certified Peer Specialist is to offer continued support for individuals utilizing the Mental Health Connect Program. With personal experience in working through mental health concerns and in accessing services, the Certified Peer Specialist offers a unique form of support that encourages people to find their perseverance, strength, and recovery. 


Liz Timm

Liz graduated from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota with a double major in English Writing and Communications. After a career in public relations and wearing many other professional hats, Liz found her way to the Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) training program in November of 2011. There, she discovered the profound value in all of her life story, including a 25 year journey traversing the terrain of mental illness (and health), addiction (and recovery), and healing. Liz feels honored to hold a mirror, so to speak, to others who might benefit from seeing themselves in another light: a light of ability and hope.

Contact Liz at 612.312.3377 or by email, etimm@bethlehem-church.org.