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Mental Health Connect Client Testimonial:

"You have begun to change a gaping wound. So many others are
not so lucky.
I am so blessed to be getting your help.
You are doing a service no one offers anywhere.
It is life-saving!"

When you or a loved one are experiencing mental illness, you may have many questions.

What is this illness all about?
What support is available for my family?
What treatment is available, and how do I get it?
Who can help me (financially, emotionally, physically)?

Mental Health Connect is a good first step toward answering these questions and more. If you’re living with mental illness, or think you may be, or have friends or family that are suffering – Mental Health Connect is for you. The Certified Peer Specialist can assist you and your loved one in obtaining mental health treatment, resources, support and education.

More about Mental Health Connect

MHC is unique because of our Mental Health Navigator and Certified Peer Specialist. The Mental Health Navigator has preparation and experience in social services to assess client resource needs and barriers to mental health care, develop a plan to meet desired outcomes, and participates in outreach activities. If extended support is indicated, the role of the Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) may be engaged. The CPS is an individual in recovery with a diagnosis of mental illness, has completed Level 1 or Level 2 CPS training and is willing to share his/her experience of recovery. The CPS assists clients who could benefit from someone who may have experienced similar obstacles.

The MHC team is mobile and can meet clients at their homes, community sites, their congregations, etc. The Navigator and CPS work together to promote the MHC service through community presentations, congregation site contacts, and neighborhood distribution of program materials. The MHC team engages with an array of partnering businesses to meet the needs of our clients. MHC services are free of charge to the community.